Edition Navy Strength Gin

In the 18th century, the English began producing gin. The British Navy soon recognized the advantages of this particular drink and decided to include it as part of the rations for their sailors, aiming to boost morale and mood during long sea voyages. The high alcohol content of the gin proved extremely useful in combating diseases like scurvy and preserving drinking water for the sailors.

Since gin barrels on British ships were stored alongside gunpowder, accidents and spills with "regular" gin that rendered the gunpowder useless happened occasionally, despite careful precautions. Over time, the Navy discovered that gunpowder remained usable even after coming into contact with gin, provided the gin had an alcohol content of at least 57.15%.

This unique feature of Navy Strength Gin made it an indispensable companion in the naval ranks.

Wharfedale Gardens Navy Strength Gin is made 100% from our London Dry Gin. Today, it embodies the full power and even richer taste of our Wharfedale Gardens Gin. A wonderfully intense gin experience.

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