Markus Alexander Schlamadinger


Höhenstraße 7-9 8063 Eggersdorf near Graz


Tel.: +43 (0) 676 7 514 514 E-Mail:

Legal form:

Sole proprietorship

Primary direction of website:

This website provides information on our company's products and services. Business purpose: Production and trade of spirits

Membership in Chamber of Commerce organization:

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Styria, division of food trade

Supervisory/Trade authority:

District Office of Graz-Umgebung

Commercial or professional regulations:

Austrian Commercial Code

Access to commercial or professional regulations:

Any specific professional regulations can be found in the Federal Legal Information System at

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Consumers have the option of submitting complaints to the EU's online dispute resolution platform at They can also submit any complaints to the above email address.

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